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Foreign Grass Lawn damage

• What is foreign grass? Foreign grass is a wild form of grass that invades lawns and spoils the even and consistent color and texture. These grasses are often mistaken for “crabgrass”. In western Oregon it is very rare to see crabgrass. You’ll usually only find it in ornamental beds and then only during the [...]

Moss Control

Moss is a primitive plant that has been with us for millions of years. It grows on almost any porous surface and in many exposures. It grows in sun or shade, on soil, rocks, tree bark, concrete and lumber. Moss doesn’t need any special conditions, except occasional water to grow. • Moss in new landscapes [...]


Properly mowed lawn is thicker and has deeper roots making it better equipped to combat weeds, insects and diseases. Common mistakes are mowing too infrequently and cutting grass to short, which can result in discolored grass tips, brown spots and even damage to the lawn. Here are a few tips to help keep you on [...]


It may seem elementary, but proper watering techniques are essential for a healthy attractive lawn. Occasional light rains or short down pours are not enough to ensure lawn soil has been sufficiently soaked. Here are a few tips when starting a watering program. • Established lawns should be watered deeply to encourage deeper root growth. [...]