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Commercial Services

Serving Business Parks, School Districts, Sports Fields, Golf Courses, Condominiums and Apartments

Lawn Care Programs for a thicker, healthier green lawn:
Including Fertilization, weed control, moss control, insect and disease control, and aeration

Tree and Shrub Care Programs:
Including fertilization, insect and disease control, pruning and trimming
We provide a combination of timely inspections and applications including dormant oils
to ensure a healthier and more vigorous plant growth

Shrub Bed Weed Control Programs:
Including spot treatments for weed elimination and specialty treatments for pre-emergent barriers
to cut back on germination and spot treating of weeds

Renovation Programs:
Including consultation and planning of renovations for image changing, improvements, replacements, expansions or correcting problems

Maintains the natural beauty, health & function of your trees and shrubs. Healthy trees
and shrubs are a valuable addition to your landscape. Staab is proud to offer the knowledge and expertise, necessary to protect your investment
Correct pruning requires a great deal of expertise and knowledge which Staab Horticultural provides. Each tree and shrub are examined to determine it’s exact pruning needs. Once pruning is completed, all debris from our work will be removed from your landscape and recycled as beneficial mulch. Staab’s goal is to maintain the health, beauty and integrity of your landscape and our environment for years to come.

Your benefits from pruning:

  • Reduces potential costly and dangerous winter damage by removing heavy, weak
    branches and encourages stronger branch structures.
  • Reduces insect & disease infestations by removing dense inner growth where pests
  • Allows light and air to penetrate within the plant.
  • Carbon dioxide soot and other pollutants are more effectively removed from the air by
    healthier well pruned trees.
  • Healthy mature trees and shrubs increase the overall value of your home.
  • Removal of dense growth near entry ways, windows and side yards helps reduce crime
    and vandalism in your neighbor hood.
  • Increase outdoor living space by reducing the size of overgrown trees & shrubs.

Core Aeration:
This procedure pulls small plugs of soil through-out, your lawn to improve the flow of
water, air & fertilizer into the root zone of your lawn. It relieves soil compaction and is
also effective in reducing the build-up of thatch in a lawn.

How our Services Work:

Precise Program Planning
Service begins with an inspection of your lawn, shrubs and trees.
Then we’ll talk with you about your needs, goals and specific landscape challenges that may exist.
Next, your Staab consultant determines the proper treatment program required to meet your goals and maintain the health and beauty of your landscape.

Informative Treatment Reports
When your treatment program begins, complete reports by our technicians keep you informed about the condition of your landscape, about the services performed, and how to follow up (watering and mowing tips) for best results.

Product Safety
Staab uses only the safest and most effective products available. Applied treatments are tested safe for people and pets when you follow the simple guidelines provided after each treatment.

Remember, when you have Staab care for your landscape, you won’t have to store your own chemicals and applicators. This is an extra measure of safety and convenience–an extra benefit of having the Staab Specialists care for your landscape.
Staab Horticultural depends on the health of the land. As an environmentally sensitive company, we will apply pesticides only where damaging insects and diseases exist.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are not completely satisfied with the results of each Staab treatment, just call us and we will make it right.